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To the woman who is under appreciated Wanting Hookers

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To the woman who is under appreciated

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I am full figured but very clean and a neat dresser. I also appreciahed to go fishing. Lady that can take care of herself and isn't just waiting for sex Average waiting man waiting Latina dating a real connection.

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City: Port St. Lucie, FL
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Why is that?

As women, we take on a lot in part because we feel responsible for the multitude of people in our lives, whether at work or at home. Good is not good enough. We have to be perfect so we take more time to prepare, review, and decide.

I was the only woman in the room. My boss was assigning a special project and asked one of my male peers to take it on.

He simply moved on to find someone else to do it. I would have felt obligated, needed, wanting to pleaseā€¦all of the traps that would have induced me to accept the project without weighing the consequences.

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Sometimes we wear our busyness like a badge of courage. It either casts us in a negative light, or it attracts more work.

It is possible to learn new skills to reduce that feeling of being overwhelmed. You can learn to sort through appreciate is important and say no to the rest. No wonder we feel overwhelmed.

When we take on too many activities and try to please everyone, we end up too busy. We appear disorganized and out of control. We work ridiculous hours.

We walk fast and are out of breath everywhere we go. We lose perspective. We may not spend our time on the right activities with the right emphasis.

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Nor can we see ourselves spinning out uhder control. We stop taking care of ourselvesleaving us stressed, cranky, disconnected and less able to make good judgments. We get busier.

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We run faster and work harder, thinking that if we just get a few things done, get past a few hurdles, it will get better. Speaking Engagements Click here to learn more about the topics we speak on and where we have spoken in the past.

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