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I Am Look For Real Sex Dating Dominant man in need of an open minded female

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Dominant man in need of an open minded female

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What a moronic whore.

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Feminists would have you believe different. To them, a woman is a rock at all times. But the truth is that women love a dominant man in bed. This is why 50 Shades Of Grey is so fucking popular. Wherever you go, femlae see women on buses, trains, and in waiting rooms reading the controversial series. Wanna know the strangest part?

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Research has showed this over and over again. Studies have found that sexually dominant men are more attractive to strong women. That socially dominant women are submissive in bed. That the strong woman in the office likes to come home and be well and truly fucked.

Why Do Women Seek a Dominant Man in Bed? | The Adonis Alpha

When it comes down to it, the most obvious reason women like to be dominated in bed Wife seeking sex Burdette that they were born this way.

The role of a woman in bed, based on her sexual parts alone, is to be fucked, not the other way around. Mindfd in its basic form is a man fucking a woman. She has to allow him to penetrate her in order to get full sexual pleasure.

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He has to jam his penis into her over and over again if they want to procreate. Evolution has created some scary fucking monsters. Imnded worm with a fucking squid for a head. A parrot that rips sheep open. Bird eating spiders and giant hornets.

If you believe in God, you can believe that he created you in line with morals and values. Society is getting more egalitarian. Women are Domonant more opportunities in life, slowly closing the gap on the privileged man.

But, again, evolution could care less about that. The reason sex exists is so that we can procreate and ensure survival of the species. But what type of child will most likely survive? Someone who will survive whatever this merciless life throws at him. Socially, women understand that survival these days is no msn about big muscles and aggression.

Dominant man in need of an open minded female I Am Wanting Nsa Sex

But deep down, they still have that instinct to go after the powerful man. They need a man to whom they can submit, for the sake of their children and the survival of the species. Other researchers provide a less subtle reason that women love to be dominated.

When a woman comes home to a man who is tentative and hesitant about getting all up inside her, she might feel respected. Yeah, yeah.

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Clearly he cares about her and her feelings. A woman wants a man to show her how aj he wants her. She wants to come home and see his aggressive need for her. She wants a bulging dick in her face, throbbing with his unadulterated need for her.

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A man who wants to possess her, to own every single piece of her, inside and out. A woman might love a powerful man in the bedroom. While talking about your sexual fantasies can turn a woman on, trying to play them out on a social level will backfire.

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Forgot miinded password? Password recovery. Recover your password. The Adonis Alpha. Little Known Ways to Spark Attraction. Penis Enlargement Bible — Video Presentation. Cunnilingus Mistakes to Avoid. Tips to Give a Woman an Orgasm. They want a man who takes control and fucks them hard. They want a man who dominates them. But why is this so?

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You have entered an incorrect email address! Home Contact us. Paco Penne - May 15, 0. Engagement rings are very precious, both metaphorically and literally.

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They are not just rings for couples; they symbolize their love or a promise.