Q. Are these real users and Active people ?
A. Honestly, YES. 95% Profile are real and other 5% are real but not active profile.

Q. Is it safe ?
A. Yes, it is 100% safe. Absolutely no risk. We promise. We Deliver What we say. Trust Us. and we use the method approved by all the social sites.

Q. Within how much time work will be started ?
A. After placing the order you will start seeing result within 24-48 hrs.

Q. Can I run my campaign along with our services ?
A. We recommend that you stop your campaigns while using our services as we not want any type of restrictions also by this you can check our quality work.

Q .Which payment method do we use ?
A. Currently we accept payment through Paypal which is most secure gateway. We don’t accept cash & Cheque.

Q. Do You provide discounts ?
A. Our prices were very reasonable as compared with other service providers on internet.We can post on our website in case if there is any discounts & offers in future

Q. Can your service help in making me or my brand famous ?
A. Definitely Yes , If you have any talent or your product is good then we can help you in making famous.

Q. Can you provide bulk or customize order ?
A. Yes we provide bulk orders & also try to provide the customize orders. For this you need to Contact us

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